The stained glass windows on the upper level

1 The Rose Window,1459, is the work of Pere Joan and Andreu Escuder. The glass itself was made by Antoni Lunyi from Toulouse (France). The other stained glass and bull’s-eye windows were completed over a period of time, whenever the economic situation was good enough.

2 The stained glass window of the Last Judgment (1474) was done by Sendrius Desmasnes from Avignon in Provence.

3 The stained glass window of the Fountain of Living Water, is by an anonymous artist and dates from 1648.

4 The windows depicting Pentecost and the Last Supper are from the year 1711 and the artist is Francesc Saladrigas.

5 In 1718, Eloi Sheer designed these stained glass windows with the Apostles.

6 The palm tree, the cypress and the Eucharistic allegory, at right above and behind the Main Altar, were done by Hippolytus Campmajó, in 1790.

7 The Four Prophets are the work of Eudald Ramon Amigó, in 1878.

8 The Annunciation and the Betrothal of the Virgin Mary were drawn by Lluís Masriera 1924. The ones in the side chapels were done some time after 1939.

9 The most recent window, next to the sacristy, was completed in 1995. It was designed by José Fernández Castrillo to commemorate the 1992 Olympic Games in Barcelona.

The Main Altar and the Crypt

In 1965, what was left of the previous baroque altar was removed and a new Altar was put in place along with a Gothic sculpture of the Virgin Mary with a ship at her feet. This sculpture was originally above the side door on Santa Maria Street. Archeological excavations during reconstruction and restoration of the church uncovered a Roman necropolis. It was on this spot, that a modern and functional Crypt was built. Since the year 2000, the relics of St Cugat del Rec are kept here.

The Holy Sacrament Chapel

Originally, the Holy Sacrament was reserved on an altar in the sacristy where Holy Communion was distributed when Mass was not celebrated. In 1609 a small Blessed Sacrament Chapel was built. By 1790 it was felt to be insufficient, and so the church decided to enlarge it. This chapel is currently open for worship. It is neoclassical in style and is the work of the architect Francesc Vila.Tiene un estilo neoclásico y es obra del arquitecto Francesc Vila.