Spirituality & Piety

Santa Maria de Cervelló, blessed Lluís Bertran, the venerable Juliana of Morella and the venerable Claudi López Bru Marquis de Comillas were all baptized in this parish. The venerable Dorotea Chopitea was also married here

The following saints also went to church here: Peter Nolasco, Vicent Ferrer, Ignatius of Loyola, Salvador of Horta, Francisco of Borja, Miquel dels Sants, and Josep Oriol, who was an altar-boy here and made his first communion here as well, St. Maria Micaela of the Most Holy Sacrament, Maria del Carmen Sellés Berengueras and blessed Maria-Anna Mogas Fontcuberta

Among the many preachers who occupied the pulpit of Santa Maria del Mar, two are particularly notewor- thy: St Anthony Ma Claret in 1850, after he had become Bishop of Santiago de Cuba, and St Francesc Coll who in 1853, founded the Dominican Sisters of The Annunciation.

Santa Maria del Mar is home to many guilds that are related to the basilica in some way, those whose names appear on the street plaques, for example. But it is also concerned with the neighborhood’s spiritual welfare and often takes the lead in current social advances. Today, the city’s guilds still participate in parish life and celebrate their patron saints’ festivities here.

True to its history, today the parish of Santa Maria del Mar makes every effort to be an “open house for everyone and at the service of all those who need us. That’s why our liturgical celebrations are an essential part to the life of all Catholics in the area, whether they were born here and have lived here all their lives or whether they are new-comers. In addition, we want to share what we have in the most effective way with all those who need help wherever they come from and most especially with those whose have nowhere to turn. For these people we offer the services of Caritas. In this context our parish provides the neighborhood and the surrounding area with support whatever their problems may be and support for their aspirations, by providing our pastoral services, rooted in the Gospel of Jesus Christ, and always deeply respectful of all faiths and beliefs.